What is Changes Worldwide? — REVIEW

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So you’ve started hearing some SERIOUS buzz about an industry game-changer known as Changes Worldwide, but does it really live up to the HYPE?!

Can Changes Worldwide actually pull off some of their seemingly outlandish claims?

This was a question that I set out to answer for myself in early November of 2013.

I began by building a professional relationship with the owner and his “right-hand-man” and master distributor.  Of course I’d heard their plans for near total take over of the home based business industry, and their pay structure seemed almost too good to be true.  Not only the comp plan, but their advertising plans were nothing short of extra-ordinary… and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Four weeks of studying caused me to come back time and time again with further questions.

I was then introduced to this advertising concept, and it wasn’t anything I was completely unfamiliar with.  Take a minute to review the Changes Worldwide — “Changing the Game” — video below.

Advertising “Co-ops” are not only very common in traditional business, but especially in home-based businesses.  This allows small dollar amounts to achieve a greater success, and the fact that Changes Worldwide provides their own in house advertising is quite the concept.

By now, if you watched the above video, you can see how Changes Worlwide is removing the “elephant in the room” so to speak, the one big problem that all businesses face, but the REAL question is:

“How do you get paid with Changes Worldwide? And what are their actual products and services?”

If you take a look at the CWW company website you’ll be able to see how much is actually offered.

Others may ask:

“Is revenue sharing legal? Am I purchasing any sort of equity in the company when I purchase business promo packs?”

The Global Sales Bonus Pool is set up to allow revenue sharing in a perfectly legal manner, but you are NOT purchasing shares or any sort of “stake” in the company itself.  However, the earnings can still be astronomical!

with CWW in florida brandon sommers

After researching for 4 weeks, and then working along side the company for 2 months, I visited Lakeland, Florida to see the operation for myself.

I personally met with Wayne Caraway, COO for Changes Worldwide, and saw the phone rooms in action.  The 6-step screening process each prospect is guided through was overly impressive… in any business time is money and without proper filtering most people waste countless hours and dollars cold calling or dialing several day old leads.

Imagine professional phone rooms screening, qualifying, interviewing, and selling potential buyers on Changes Worldwide products and our powerful affiliate program with revenue sharing potential.

brandon sommers and matt dimaio at changes worldwide

Former marketing and script writer  for the  Donald Trump organization, Matt DiMaio, spear-headed CWW marketing campaigns and aided in training phone room operatives.

His prior experience closing $25,000 sales for Donald Trump more than qualifies him to perform at maximum capacity.

The saying is true:

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know.”

brandon sommers with the CWW leadership team




I was an honor and privilege taking part in masterminding the next marketing strategy inside the “War Room” as they called it.

Every discussion began and ended with this thought in mind– “how do we ensure this will be a viable option for us and our affiliates long term.”

Changes Worldwide may be a game-changer for thousands of people, but what good is it if they can’t stand the test of time for years to come?

I can say one thing for certain… everyone on the leadership team begins every process with the end in mind, and by end I mean a profitable company and opportunity over the course of several decades.

Each member of the team has been hand picked for a specific set of skills the possess.  Nothing is decided by accident.  Everything is calculated using hard numbers and never emotion.  This could be the TRUE game-changer that the industry desperately needs, and has needed since the mid 1980’s.

Home events and traditional online marketing strategies could very well be a thing of the past.

brandon sommers working with changes worldwideWith professionally produced videos created for individual affiliates to simply introduce themselves, here’s a snapshot where I recorded mine in the media room, there is no question to the prospect as to whether or not we are running a state-of-the-art operation in Lakeland, Florida.

If your current “opportunity” isn’t providing these to the field, I highly recommend taking a second look at why you are still involved with that organization.

There are hundreds of great companies out there with excellent products, powerful compensation plans, but if there isn’t a marketing plan, you are still doomed to be part of the 95% failure statistic.

Don’t be another statistic.

The industry is being turned upside down… where will YOU be when it happens?

Let’s connect ASAP. — For an in-depth look into Changes Worldwide click HERE or visit: Changes World Wide Overview


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