Brandon Sommers – I Quit My Job and Created an Online Empire

The One Thing That Changed EVERYTHING ... Brandon Sommers Tells All 

I remember the very moment that everything suddenly changed for me... the very day that I KNEW my life would never be the same.

It's a crazy thing to look back and see how much different life can be when you are willing to take a chance on yourself; when you're willing to sacrifice everything to pursue what it is you truly want out of life.

Before we can get to what that was you have to understand the story or it just wouldn't make any sense.

Brandon Sommers wasn't a name anyone would recognize, nor would it be in any way noteworthy just a year ago... in fact, after you hear my story you'll hardly believe that someone like me could make such a radically steep climb so quickly.

You know those kids who's parents could pay for everything? They paid for them to go to camp, to have nice clothes, for their first cell phone, for their first car, for them to go to college, etc.  Yeah... I wasn't one of those kids.  Several of my friends appeared to have the world at their finger tips all because of who their parents were.  At the time I secretly resented them, but really there's nothing wrong with that.  If you were that fortunate simply be grateful and strive to make something even bigger for yourself.

Looking back I remember how absolutely poor we were.

At the age of 10 my parents were divorced.  Dad bounced between depression and rage while nearly letting his company go under for the next year... it got so bad that in order for us to have presents under the tree on Christmas morning, a family from our church had to donate gifts.   One night we came home to a cupboard full of food from an anonymous good-doer, because without it we likely wouldn't have had food to eat.

Meanwhile, mom was desperately trying to find happiness.  She began to spiral downward drowning in a sea of drugs and self-inflicted wounds until one day she attempted suicide.  (fortunately she was unsuccessful).

I thank God everyday that both my parents have overcome their obstacles.  We are closer as a family (they are still divorced, but happily remarried to other spouses) than we ever were before, but I tell you all of that to give you a sense of where I've come from as a person...

Strong work ethic, independence, and a die hard resolve are traits that I was forced to learn at a young age.

You can't blame anything on your circumstances.   Your past is what has made you who you are today for better or for worse.  I personally choose to see how I'm better off for it, and then use it to fuel my life ambitions.

On the flip-side, I became a very shy kid as a result of this.  I carried that through high school and most of college.  The book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki taught me to choose career paths and hobbies that would develop new and useful skills.  The most logical thing to do to overcome my shyness was to go out and get a sales job, and that's what I did.

By the time I was 25 years old I had already been a "working man" out in the job world for 11 years.  Because we didn't have money growing up I began working at the age of 14 in order to pay for the things many of my friends had handed to them.

It certainly didn't take long before I realized that the corporate world was NOT for me! 

Day after day I felt trapped in a cage.  Every day that went by felt like another day wasted building someone else's dreams, fighting to accomplish someone else's goals, and spent with people that I didn't truly care about.  Most family functions were missed, my wife and I hardly ever saw each other, and going on a vacation was neither in the budget nor was their ever enough vacation time left over at my job.

When you are counting the seconds away at work you eventually realize that you are wishing the majority of your life away.

Eventually enough was enough, and I knew I had to make a change. 

I had to do it for my family... for my wife... for my future kids, and most of all for my own sanity.  I didn't want to wake up 30 years later and wonder what I had done with my life.  I didn't want to suddenly realize that I could have been pursuing my own dreams and my own happiness all along.

Fast Forward to Today!

I've taken a vacation or trip nearly every month this year... that's 7 trips in 2014 so far

brandon sommers on vacationI've had more lunch dates and coffee dates with my wife in the middle of the day than in our first 3 years combined.

brandon sommers on a date with lexie

I haven't missed as single family function or vacation since making this radical change.

brandon sommers family cruise

I feel happier, more alive, and more FREE than I ever have in my entire life... 

brandon sommers FREE

Change is absolutely possible. 

For me it happened in an instant.  I made one decision and it completely transformed my world.

At the beginning of my story I told you that it happened in an instant, in a moment, in a single day... and it did.

I realized that we all have a story to tell, but most people are wishing that they could change their story; maybe you feel that way.  Others are happy with the direction their life is headed, but are ready to speed it up to get to the next phase of their own personal happiness and growth.

What if there was a way to do all of that... could you really afford not to take a close look at it?   

I would like to show you EXACTLY what it was that changed everything for me, because I believe that no matter where you are in life or in business, that it can change everything for you too.

Click the button below to find out what made such a radical shift in my life not so long ago.  

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